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Dr of Fun’s New Must See Science Experiences


Rock N Rockets

For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.  Design your rocket to see how high it will go.

Explores: Rockets


The egg may be the perfect shape.  It is also a cool science object.  Find out what we can do with it.  This may be a cracking experience.

Explores: The Wonderful Egg


Funky Fluids

Fluids don’t always act how we think they should.  What happens when you mix them together?  Can you walk on them?

Explores: Fluids


Color Science

Color is something we take for granted.  Yet, what is color really?  What is it made of?  Can we separate one color to make more?

Explores: Color


Soaking Soda

Soda is the ultimate science fluid.  How many wacky experiments can we do with it?  How will the homemade root beer taste?

Explores: Soda


Moving Magnets

Magnet may seem cool, but how do they really work.  What experiments can we do with them?  What can we make move?

Explores: Magnets


Ko’u Kites

A special kite design from the Hawaiian Islands lets you explore the wonders of how a kite flies.  What keeps it in the air and the importance of its tail.

Explores: Kites


Too Small to See

There is a whole world out there that is too small for us to see.  Learn how to use a microscope to view things you have never seen before.  What items will you find?  Will it be alive?

Explores: Microscopes and Microorganism

Magical Sand

Sand isn’t boring when you get to turn it into magical sand.  Learn what makes up sand and how we can mix in some goodies to make it magical.

Explores: Sand

Short Circuits

What happens when you connect this together and give it power?  Can you make your own circuits that work?  What will they do?

Explores: Electric Circuits

Mysteries of Science

A series of experiments that results may surprise you.  However, the reason why will be explained in Mysteries of Science.

Finale: Mystery Activity

Dinosaur Dig

Dinosaurs once roamed the Earth.  Learn about dinosaurs and go on a dig to find your own fossils in Dinosaur Dig.

Finale: Dinosaur Dig


Electricity is something often taken for granted.  Spark looks at what causes electricity and the making of it.  Spark is sure to be a shocking experience.

Finale: Simple Circuit

Green Thumb

It is said someone who is good at growing plants has a Green Thumb.  This workshop is about what the plants need to survive and grow and why we need to have plants.

Finale: Your Own Plant

Kitchen Science

The kitchen is full of science.  In Kitchen Science watch as colors are created, and reactions happen.

Finale: Play-Doh

Tie Dye

Will you make swirls or stripes on your shirt? How will the masterpiece end up looking in Tie Dye…GREAT!

Finale: Tie Dye Project

Miracle of Flight

For centuries people have been intrigued by flight.  Miracle of Flight explores how flight is achieved.  Your pilots will be flying their own planes.  Watch out for a crash landing.

Finale: Making 2 Paper Airplanes

Food Web

Food web looks at how nature is linked together.  The children get to explore the meal history of an owl in Food Web.

Finale: Owl Pellet


Slime is an ooey gooey messy substance that can form any shape.  In You Got Slimed the children will enjoy getting slimed.

Finale: Making Own Slime

M&M Science

What child doesn’t love M&M’s.  M&M Science looks at color, sorting, and counting in the scientific method.  This is an extremely popular hands-on show.

Finale:  M&Ms

Cool Tunes

Cool Tunes explores how sound is made.  A musical orchestra will be composed.  Sound will be explained, altered, and produced.

Finale: Musical Instrument

Simple Machines

Our life every day is made easier by Simple Machines.  This show looks at the types of Simple Machines we use.

Finale: Catapult

Wacky Water

What is Water Wacky?  Learn about sinking, floating, surface tension, absorption, and waves.

Finale: Cartesian Diver

Ice Cold

In Ice Cold the temperature is dropping to over -100 F.  Though the temperature is cool, the experiments are even cooler.

Finale: Homemade Ice Cream

It’s Hot

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? It’s Hot has the temperature burning.  As items get hotter there is a special surprise waiting to be melted.

Finale: Cotton Candy

Science of Magic

A magician never reveals their secrets, but Dr of Fun explains the science behind some magic tricks.  Learn how to use the Science of Magic to make things disappear and reappear.

Finale: Simple Magic Trick

Amazing Bubbles

Children love bubbles and bubbles are fun.  Amazing Bubbles explores how bubbles are made and what causes them to explode.  Children will learn how to make huge bubbles and bubbles in bubbles.

Finale: Bubble Solution

Fizzy Chemistry

It is time to mix our chemicals together to see what the results are.  Fizzy chemistry produces some surprising bubbling results.  This is sure to be a bombs away adventure.

Finale: Homemade Soda



Two Grand Experiences for Large Groups


Fun with Science

Find out why science is so fun.  Fun with Science gets kids involved in having fun with science.  Everyone will get to participate in this special event.


Grand Finale

Grand Finale makes science bigger and wilder.  This event reaches out into the audience to get them involved as they experience science using multiple senses.  THIS SHOW WILL END WITH A BLAST!